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Name:Loki Laufeyson
Birthdate:Aug 7

mischief and lies
Thor: ...Where did you get that Stark phone?
Loki: From the merchants of Broxton. I bought it.
Thor: How did you pay for it, brother?
Loki: With gold. They seemed pleased with the deal.
Thor: And where did you get the gold from?
Loki: I got it off the Dwarves. And before you ask, Thor, we were gambling.
Thor: Were you cheating, Loki?
Loki: Yes! But they were too! Cheating was the game and I triumphed unfairly most fairly.
Thor: I do not think I approve.
Loki: There was no harm! Unlike this. The humans of the internet are most uncouth. When I said I was an Asgardian god, they called me a troll!
Thor: ...but you're a half-giant.
Loki: Exactly! They wouldn't accept it!
loki laufeyson
Canon: Marvel 616
Grade: Freshman
Room:206 with Dorothy Gale
tv tropes
Amnesiac Dissonance | Big Brother Worship | Black Magic | Chaotic Neutral | Consummate Liar | Cute Monster Boy | Dark and Troubled Past | Deadpan Snarker | Manipulative Bastard | Magnificent Bastard | The End of the World As We Know It | Trickster Archetype | The Unfavorite | Woobie Destroyer of Worlds | Xanatos Speed Chess

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