Dec. 3rd, 2015 10:56 pm
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Greetings, you have reached the voice mail box of Loki. Leave a message and I will consider listening to it.

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With far too many books stacked on his bed and a completely unhelpful magpie on his wardrobe, Loki felt perfectly prepared to begin working with Tara on her magic.

And possibly learn just a bit himself.

"This is not a good idea," the magpie informed him, feathers fluffed up to emphasize his opinion.

"Duly noted," Loki replied, sitting down on the floor to place a towel down. Just in case. He didn't need to upset his delicate roommate after all.

[[Open! Talking magpie NFB, please]]
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There was a magpie on one of shelves of the store this morning. It was watching the door as it's master sat in the middle of the book section, reading volume after volume since he'd oh so handwavily and with permission arrived late the night prior. It wasn't theft as the books were being placed back on the shelf once he was done with them, so clearly no one would have a problem with this, right?


He'd leave after the next book. Or the one after that. Or... look, he'd leave eventually.

[To be caught by a certain Wiccan! The Whedon-y one.]]
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When Loki returned to what he had claimed as his room within the ruins of Asgard, there was a magpie in the window waiting for him. A strange, docile little bird that he could hardly help but great with a, Hello, Mr. Magpie. )
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Why did Loki do it? No one knows. He faced a mad creature with the power of a star piled upon star. A creature that he brought down upon Asgard. A creature that brought down Asgard. He faced it... and was reduced to a scream on the wind, shrill enough to draw tears from those who prayed for his death.

Seven magpies looked back at the remains of this earthly Asgard. )
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